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Buying the freshest of seasonal and local fruit and vegetables has long been a Turkish tradition. A must-see attraction is the bustling local farmers’ bazaar on Sunday only 10 minutes drive from Geyikbayiri. Check out all shopping possibilities below.


Sunday Bazaar

A must-see attraction is the bustling local farmers’ bazaar. When it comes to shopping local and eating seasonal, this weekly bazaar will offer you a wonderful way to see Turkish culture. Take time for breakfast or lunch in one of the restaurants! Some of the homemade jams, honey, tahini, etc. make great souvenirs.

Opening hours:       8:00 - 17:00

Distance:                  5 km / 8 min. by car

Directions:               Click here

Geyikbayiri Market

Coffee, avocados, oat flakes, nuts, tofu, vegan milk, shampoo... you can find everything you need in this small market. And if not, the lovely owner will make sure you have it the next day. The only thing missing is beer and wine. You can find this in ‘Seymen market’ in Akdamlar.

Opening hours:       8:00 - 20:00

Distance:                  2.5 km / 5 min. by car

Directions:               Click here

Friday Bazaar

The Friday bazaar is a real village market with fruit and vegetables, nuts and dried fruits, cheeses and olives, chickens and eggs, kitchenware and sometimes even clothes and textiles. Across the street is a nice bakery. The supermarket Gös-Pa a little further in Cakirlar village also has many good things.

Opening hours:     08:00 - 19:00

Distance:                  9.5 km / 13 min. by car

Directions:               Click here

Saturday in Geyikbayiri

On Saturday some local villagers sell their homegrown harvest of vegetables and fruit in small wooden market stands along the main road. Up at Cesme sector some women also make super tasty gozleme and offer other food. The Sunday bazaar is also open on Saturdays with just a few farmers present.

Ayse:                         Alabalik junction (main road)

Local farmers:       Cesme sector (main road / 7 min. by foot)

Sunday bazaar:      Also open on saturday but not as big  

Bazaar Overview

The weekly bazaars (“pazar”) are held throughout Antalya city on a specific day of the week. Here you can find directions to the bazaars closest to Geyikbayiri. City bazaars are open until 20:00.

Sunday:             Click here

Monday:            x

Tuesday:           Click here

Wednesday:    Click here

Thursday:         x

Friday:                Click here

Saturday:          Click here


While sellers on the bazaar will have plastic bags available, it is better to bring your own backpack, grocery mesh bags and egg box. It makes preserving the environment and transporting your goods so much easier.

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